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luhan and kyungsoo with their little car  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Don’t be scared, show me what you do.
Don’t you know a girl loves a boy who moves?

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Hello. This is reverse repeat of the reverse Baekhyun.

Today, I’ll use some chatting terms from the past!

With the strength of everyone’s love… I wanted to post more replies…

But due to the homepage system overload… I couldn’t… couldn’t… post… ahaing… yaha… ahahaha… kyahat…

Mm.. Shall we get to the main point now?

April 8th was EXO’s second anniversary!

I carefully thought back to the memories we made since the point of our debut and!

Really, without all of you, I probably wouldn’t be here!

Everyone.. I’ll always continue to live by feeding off of your love!! Kyahaing~ >< yehet~!

Let’s continue… to go forward together for a long long time ♡ I love you! Mine!! ♡

To all our fans, thank you! I love you! Growl!! ♡

trans: fy-exo | source: exo-k’s official website
please take out with credits.

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Luhan’s Birthday countdown | D-12

the countdown starts now!

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"They are all gorgeous, but only one has what it takes."

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swaggin’ to the maximum.

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140408  EXO Official Website 

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dancing machine

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