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mother & son obviously following the original choreography

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I had to do it here because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload more than one image for the ask T~T

SM recently hung up an ad promoting Overdose in their new SM Museum in LA. I drove all the way to Korea Town to make sure that there were 12 guys and indeed, OT12 were…

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Baekhyun makes me so confused about life, one day baekhyun looks so adorable and cuddly and then bAM HE LOOKS SO INCREDIBLY HOT ME NO COMPRENDO. 

and other days he looks like a spanish royalty complete with long hair and mustache

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kim jongin is a true inspiration. 

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Soo it’s been a crazy/wonderful year that I spent here with you lovely people here. I’ve made some really good friends and I’m actually quite happy about making this blog. Anyways I’ve been meaning to do a giveaway for a while but was pretty broke to do stuff like that lol but I kimd of ” recovered now and here I am. 


There’s only gonna be one winner and they’ll be picked randomely


Exo’s First Box (4DVD+Earphone Winder)

Exo’s Overdose Mini album (K&M) with a poster

Rules and stuff you should know:

Reblog and Like as much as you want (don’t spam your followers thou)

The giveaway ends on Friday the 23rd of May

I prefer that you’re 18+ or have a parent’s permission *Tumblr made me say this*

I’ll give the winner 24 hours to answer so keep your ask box open

You don’t have to be following me but it doesn’t hurt to do so lol


I guess that’s it for rules so reblog away and good luck to all you cuties:)

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Anonymous: OMG. EXO's instagram train. It was like an explosion of members on instagram! Can't wait for the rest~~~ and still waiting for Xiumin to post sth lol


Yall really eager for Xiumin to post something eh? lol

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